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Seven Waters is a melodic metal band from The Netherlands, and more evidence that a band does not have to be well known to be great. The band is fronted by Karen Leijzer, a great vocalist who’s voice is somewhat operatic, but not too high pitched for their sound and therefore a very good fit for the melodic metal sound they create. Guitarist Michael Leijzer has a great ability to change the pace at which he plays when it is needed, and can seemingly go from slow paced to ‘freaking wicked!’ in about a second, also seemingly having the ability to play the high pitched, fast heavy metal riffs for long parts of the song to perfection.

Robert Molenaar is on drums and is disciplined in keeping the tempo through many different changes in the speed of their music. Maarten Vloon is very impressive on keyboards, which I particularly like since I love keyboards in metal music, playing great fast paced symphonic sounding parts in different instances on the album, adding a great element to it.

The first track of their 2015 album ‘Hunter’s Prey’ is the title track, for which they also made a great ‘medieval’ video taking place near the woods, and involving a sword fight(both of which I particularly liked). The song begins with somewhat of a ‘prepare for a battle’ sounding keyboard intro which is a fitting beginning to the rest of the song, and includes perhaps the best instance of ‘wicked’ guitar riffs shown on the album. ‘Weight of Loss’ is the album’s second song, which has more ‘operatic’ sounding vocals, somewhat reminding me of Nightwish, but with Karen’s vocals still being distinctly her own, and contributing to a very ‘inspiring’ mood this song creates. Robert gets to play at a bit of a faster pace on drums during this song, to fit the faster pace of the musical composition.

Mother Egypt: All For Love, the album’s third track is a slower song, and my personal favorite from the album. This is a great display by Maarten Vloon of the slower melodic keyboard sounds that I love in music early in the song, while still speeding it up at times. Though with a different sound than in that song, I am somewhat reminded of Marco Hietala’s part in ‘The Gathering’ by the more ‘symphonic’ sounding parts of the song’s back up male vocals. This song brings forth a very soothing feel, reminding me of a serene walk through the night. Broken Images is the song’s fourth and final song, picking the pace up with a fast paced ‘gothic symphonic’ sounding song, with fitting somewhat operatic vocals and a very ‘dark’ sounding keyboard intro, with some more fast paced dark sounding keyboard parts in the rest of the song.



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