Yes we did it! We raised enough money to record a video clip / booktrailer! We were so happy after the hard work of getting it done.
Well, we thought it was hard working. Think again, it’s merely just beginning!

First we needed to make the decision where we could film it. We spotted a lot of great locations on the internet. But finding the right locations wasn’t that easy. For example: we found a really beautiful place in Belgium. But, the costs to rent it… Pff, that was quite a disappointment. We also talked about the UK. Kim has some contacts over there because she worked on a great project. But that was (of course) too expensive.

Finally, after a long search, Paul found 2 great locations. A church and a forest close to each other. And located in the Netherlands Knipogende emoticon.

Beside the locations, we had to search for actors. We are still so proud that Richard de Maaré (Meaghun), Kevin Brouwer (Cighal) and Anouk Briefjes (Margal) feature in the video. It is great to see the characters come alive by these great actors. And we wanted a wolf!

A while back I already had contact with Wendy who has 2 Saarloos Wolfdogs, because I wanted to make some portraits of them for the artwork of the EP. She lives near the forest and it was no problem to use one of her dogs as actor. Paul warned us that working with animals is not that easy, but looking at the result, I’m so glad we choose for a real wolfdog and not a digital one. Artan did such a great job!

Kim-RichardKim was mainly busy with the costumes. She bought an old weddingdress and custumized it so that Anouk looked like the Goddess Margal. And what to think about the clothes the guys where wearing. All custom made! Damn how awesome! On the night before shooting, she was still busy with a shirt.

And then the band clothing, well we have internet! I went shopping and found a lot of great stuff out of different shops. It was fun to do the styling for the guys. For my own clothes, well that was a bit harder. Of course nothing is good enough. But after asking some advice (Kim and Lizet), I made up my mind.Bjorn-map

A few days before shooting the video we made the decision that we would use a make up and hair artist. This is essential for video and photos! Actually, there wasn’t any budget left, but once again it was a great decision. So after some time searching we found Ayten of La Rouge Visagie. She also took care of the wounds.

On the day before we shot the video, we went to the church and prepared it: moved a lot of chairs and created the right atmosphere with props. It was the first time I saw the church and with props it became how we wanted it to be. My favourite place was the room upstairs. It was very dark over there, and in the video only lit by candles. Björn (Kim’s beloved) made a beautiful hand drawn map. It was a perfect atmosphere.

Next time I will tell you about the day we shot the video.



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