We write the year of 2010 as from the ashes of local metal bands in the East of The Netherlands a new group of musicians is set to expand their musical ideas. The goal is to entertain the audience with melodic songs, on a high technical level without getting lost in a maze of notes.

Fronted by singer Karen the band named SEVEN WATERS chooses not to release a full length album but to tease the public with an EP “Pathfinder” in 2012 and another EP “Hunter’s Prey” in 2015. Both pieces of art are received extremely well and see the band sharing the stage with Dutch female fronted masters DELAIN.

With the “Hunter’s Prey” release came the professionally shot video “Hunter’s Prey”, starring actors that made appearances in major Dutch TV series. The video became a success on YouTube, gaining the band attention in areas beyond The Netherlands e.g. being played on the radio in the UK. Subsequently, people all over the world are enjoying both EP’s in countries such as Japan, Canada, Germany, USA and the UK!

In 2015 and 2016 SEVEN WATERS will go out and promote the EP and videoclip in The Netherlands and Germany. All members have played and recorded in other bands and played numerous shows in The Netherlands and beyond.

In late 2016 it’s time to focus on the release of a full-length album for which a number of songs are already written. Again, the music is rooted into progressive rock and metal with a lot of space for melody and technical proficiency.


Seven Waters

Seven Waters are: Maarten Vloon – keys, Michiel Leijzer – guitars, Karen Leijzer – vocals, Robert Molenaar – drums and Henk Kamermans – bass (not on the pic)